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What are we doing to our children?


We know that obesity is on the rise but so in fact are eating disorders in children and it is something we all ought to really take a long hard look at. Many years ago being a child was easy and the main thing on our minds was playing, but now it seems that children as young as four are ... Read More »

Reader’s Digest Global Diet Poll

I wanted to make you aware of this story as I feel it really highlights our insecurities with weight and the implementations it has on our self esteem and confidence levels to be of a certain size. I am not saying we should all be unhealthy – I am suggesting we all take measures to be healthy in the skin ... Read More »

What is the most important meal of the day?

We are all told that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one that you shouldn’t skip. However what you eat is as important as eating. You can fill up on  fatty or sugary foods, but the result will be those hunger pains after a couple hours and end up eating more than you should. You need ... Read More »