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New York City Launches New Campaign To Fight Girls’ Unhealthy Body Image Issues


An article by Sy Mukherjee in Thinkprogress talks about the fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) is launching at least one more public health crusade before he leaves office, a city-wide campaign to boost young girls’ self-esteem by promoting them to accept their bodies and avoid developing unhealthy body image issues that can lead to an eating disorder or other mental health ... Read More »

Looks or Fat Bodies Destroying Self Esteem Of Our Children?


An article in The Huff Post by Janice Atkinson talks about the fact that childless Jo Swinson tells parents that they shouldn’t praise their children’s looks. You’re missing the point Ms Swinson, it’s fat bodies that is destroying self esteem. She says that the media is responsible for promoting thinness which perpetuates others’ feelings of bad body image. So, when ... Read More »

How do you feel about yourself?

Dove self esteem

You may well have seen over the years the Dove adverts on the T.V promoting the campaign for real beauty. Dove are known for using models of all shapes and sizes in their advertisements, and hats off to them I say! They can call me up anytime, I’d be up for jumping around in my undies, looks like a lot ... Read More »

Beautiful Young Girl Falls Foul Of The Beauty Industry

Bethaney Wallacw

In the Daily Mail this week  they are talking about Bethaney Wallace who at 19, with several teen magazine cover shoots behind her and the prospect of a lucrative modelling career ahead,  appeared to have the world at her feet was facing a crippling struggle with eating disorders which saw her weight plunge to under 7st – and finally claim ... Read More »

Survey Links Facebook Use to Negative Body Image


Each day we here about the negative effects that Facebook are having the population and here are the results of a US Survey. An article today in About.com by Susan Cowden talks about the fact that The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt sponsored and has released the results of a national (U.S.) survey of Facebook users to determine ... Read More »

Are Black Women Happier Than White?

blackwoman-e1303831655406 (2)

An article in Forbes by Jenna Goudreau states that a  recent survey of 1,936 adults conducted by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that while black women are heavier than their white counterparts, they have higher self-esteem and a better body image. Of the average-sized and thin white women polled, 41% reported high self-esteem, but among black ... Read More »

Let’s be realistic about how we look

Over the years I have watched how many of us complain about the way we look. I personally spent years thinking I was fat and  didn’t  want to go here and there because I felt bad about myself. However you look back and see the tall, very skinny blonde woman, looking back at you from the photograph and you realise ... Read More »

Improve your body confidence

Plus Size Help & Advice

Last summer we  came across a blog by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen offering ten tips for increasing your body confidence which we felt good to share with you again. She had my attention instantly. This is something we all struggle with no matter what our size or shape, young or old and I still put it down to the images we are ... Read More »

Gastric Band for a Size 12/14 Woman – Is this Right?

An article by Katie Evans in the Daily Mirror discusses how at size 12 to 14, Jacqueline Brisco, was slimmer than the average woman. But after a bitter divorce and a huge knock to her confidence, the mum, 41, was convinced she was fat. (Main Picture Jacqueline Brisco-  Mercury) How common is this,  my own personal experience when at 42 ... Read More »

PE teacher works wonders with overweight girls

An article in the Yakima Herald in Washington State talks about a 17 year old high school student who was suffering from being overweight with low self esteem and  mostly kept to herself and wouldn’t take her coat off in public. However due to the efforts of her PE teacher she joined a work out program after school two and ... Read More »