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Survey Links Facebook Use to Negative Body Image


Each day we here about the negative effects that Facebook are having the population and here are the results of a US Survey. An article today in About.com by Susan Cowden talks about the fact that The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt sponsored and has released the results of a national (U.S.) survey of Facebook users to determine ... Read More »

Katy Perry Prayed for Larger Breasts

An article in examiner.com by Samantha Chang stated that Katy Perrysaid she  had a rectangular body as a kid prayed for larger breasts Singer Katy Perry is known for her knock-out curves, but was flat-chested and “rectangular-shaped” as a teen. Ironically, Katy once prayed that her breasts would grow, and when they started to develop, Perry got so self-conscious that ... Read More »