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Plus-size Mother of the Bride

Fascinator Louise OliverBeing mother of the bride can sometimes be just as stressful as being the bride herself.

If you’ve been involved in the planning and organisation of the wedding, chances are you’ll be making sure the whole day runs as smoothly as possible. This could involve running around like a headless chicken trying to make sure every tiny detail is in place. So one thing’s for sure you’re going to want an outfit that not only makes you look a million dollars, but allows you to become super-mum at the drop of a hat- though hopefully not yours!

We have picked some of the very best plus-size Mother of the Bride outfits available at the moment.
We’ve mainly kept summer weddings in mind, however all these beautiful outfits are inspirations in themselves!

Mother of the Bride can sometimes stir up bad connotations of strict mother in laws in dowdy clothes. Don’t think that you have to wear a suit with matching twin-set and pearls because those days have long gone! Modern day Mother of the Brides are opting for a more liberal approach. Bright colours and soft fabrics teamed with flattering tailored jackets are highly popular. Being Mother of the Bride you obviously don’t want to upstage your daughter, however your outfit can still make an obvious statement; your role within the wedding party should be quite clear.

If you’re going to opt for something bright, then just remember weddings are extravagant occasions, which means you can push the boundries a little more than you would at any other formal occassion. The darker your skin tone the brighter you can go! Pinks and blues are always a popular choice, however if you fancy being a little unique why not opt for green or tangerine!

B Marc at Grace Fashion Shop

Grace Fashion Shop stock a fabulous range called B Marc. This green suit and camisole would look fabulous at a summer wedding, especially if parts of the day were taking place outside.

Jacques Vert

If you’re not confident pulling off a bright suit you could always go for a less formal dress. Keeping with the colourful theme, both these Jacques Vert outfits would keep you looking the part, yet leaving you feeling a little more relaxed.

However, it’s not unusual for people to feel uncomfortable in such bright colours. You may wish to colour coordinate with other important guests such as the bridesmaids, the mother of the groom or even your husband. If you are worried about your size and fancy something more slimming, opt for darker colours. Although, you do want to stay away from dressing in black from head to toe, it’s not a funeral.

Beige Plus

This outfit from Beige Plus, keeps to the rules of wearing dark colours, yet also looks plush and fitting for the occasion. The pretty broach keeping the jacket together is perfectly positioned for a larger lady. Cinching in at the waist will define your curves, giving you a smooth, flowing shape.

When looking for accessories to match your Mother of the Bride outfit it can be hard to not only find things that match in colour and style, but things that suit you. Plus-size women can benefit greatly from well chosen accessories. They add character to your overall look, so again if you don’t feel comfortable in bright clothing why not pick a choice colour and match your accessories and shoes accordingly.

Mother of the Bride are famous for their hats! Which is great for the plus-size lady, because a good wedding hat can evenly balance out a curvy bottom half.

Jacques Vert Wedding Hat

This lilac feather hat from Jacques Vert, is a classic style of wedding hat; round with a feature piece to one side. As you can imagine hats can get extremely creative.

Louise Oliver Wedding Hat

This wedding hat from talented designer Louise Oliver is a little more modern and would look lovely with the Beige Plus outfit pictured above.

You may wish to opt for a fascinator. Proving more popular, especially throughout the summer months, fascinator’s are an elegant alternative to a hat.

Fascinator Louise Oliver

This fascinator, again from Louise Oliver would look stunning with the dress and red jacket from Jacques Vert pictured above. Wearing a fascinator can prove a blessing in disguise, especially when it comes to the English weather. You don’t want to be chasing a hat down the church path after a gust of wind!

So there we have it; the 100% People guide to Plus-size Mother of the Bride. All the companies mentioned stock above UK size 18 and have websites, so please have a browse. Just remember just because you’re a larger lady doesn’t mean you have to wear a tent to your daughter’s BIG day, you are the Mother of the Bride, so make sure everyone knows it!


Grace Fashion Shop

Jacques Vert

Beige Plus

Louise Oliver

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