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Human Targets

Don’t Target My Kids!The British Heart Foundation has set up a new campaign called “Don’t Target My Kids”. The campaign wants to see all advertising of junk and unhealthy food to under 16s banned. The BHF have set up a website which exposes the sneaky ways big food manufacturers are reaching children to advertise their unhealthy products.

Children under the age of 16 have a surprising amount of spending power, in just one week Britain’s under 16′s spend up to £13 million on sweets and snacks!
No wonder the food giants are out for a piece of the pie! Reaching children via the television and internet is cheap and very cost affective, the amount of time young people spend using these mediums has highly increased, compared to 20 years ago. Plus they are doing it without parents even realising their kids are being targeted. Advertising in schools is also a huge problem, sponsorship of childrens’ sports and vending machines are two extremely effective ways to reach children, not to mention the sale of other junk foods.

The “Don’t Target My Kids” campaign website has set up an online petition so we can show the government we want these bullies expelled, not just from the playground but from the entire school! So get your name down!

Don’t Target My Kids Website

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