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Does Size Really Matter? Asks PLUS Model Magazine.

Last month PLUS Model Magazine began a survey called “Does Size Really Matter?”. They need your answer!

“The reason for the survey was to get honest answers, not only for ourselves, but to share with our clients, the media and with all of you.

The survey went out through the PLUS Model Magazine blog, Facebook and Twitter and we reached a little over 800 women. The ten questions beg to be answered honestly, and the comments that were received left no questions unanswered.

Right before we went to “print”, we were asked by a few of our clients to keep the survey open during the month of December. They wanted to help us reach to 1,000 women.

These clients WANT to know the truth about the way you feel you are being marketed to, feel about yourself and today’s size issue in the modeling industry.

If you have not taken the survey, today is the day.
Visit: www.surveymonkey.com/s/PMMDoesSizeMatter

To those that have taken the survey, thank you!”

You can view a few of the answers and comments PLUS Model Magazine have received so far here.

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