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Gastric Band is just the beginning!

Gastric Band is just the beginning!

Obesity affects a growing number of people living in Britain. Many choose various forms of weight loss procedures to increase their overall health and maintain normality in their lives. Many are advised by medical professionals to consider having a gastric band operation, in order to reduce their risk of having a fatal heart attack.

However, a gastric band procedure is only the beginning towards a healthy and happy life. Post-surgery is just as important and many people have to rethink their whole lifestyle in order to sustain the weight loss results.

One of the first things a person will notice after having a gastric band procedure will be the small size of their meal portions. With this in mind, every mouthful counts and so each meal should be full of the right vitamins and nutrients.

Five Exercise Examples for Post Gastric Band


After your stitches have healed and you feel more active and ready for exercise, try simply walking for even ten minutes at a time. This will help tone muscles and help burn calories. A simple walk to the local shops and back is a great start and will help you on your journey towards better health.

Remember, your portion sizes will be a lot smaller, so make sure that each meal is packed with vitamins and bursting with goodness. Your diet is key to your future health and happiness, so make sure you eat vegetables, fruit and certain meats and stay clear from high calorific foods.


Sleep is vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is advised that you have at least eight hours sleep a night as this helps our bodies re-energise and be active during the day. If you are tired and lack energy you may be tempted to snack on sugary foods to get that quick high, so make sure you sleep well after surgery and are not in a situation where you are tempted to eat high calorific foods.


There are plenty of local swimming baths in many towns and villages available to the public, so take advantage and get yourself down to your nearest pool. Not only is swimming fun, but it is a great way of burning calories and a fantastic way for you to begin your healthy new life through a non-strenuous activity.

For many obese sufferers cosmetic surgery is hugely helpful at physically making them eat less. However, it is also important to look at the emotional side to overeating by finding out why you decide to eat the amount that you do.

Why Do We Eat The Way We Do?

Good question. There isn’t just a simple answer to this as each person over-eats for many different reasons. Overeating could be down to boredom, anger, distress and loneliness to name but a few.

After all, we are creatures of habit and some people can develop a custom for emotional eating – like eating whilst watching television, purchasing unhealthy takeaways after work or even finishing off the meals that their kids are unable to eat. Such eating routines are extremely hard to stop and it’s crucial that you recognise these eating habits and learn to avoid snacking during risky times of the day.

Next time you have the urge to eat an unhealthy snack, note down the time and research the amount of calories inside it. A chocolate bar that is packed with E numbers and fatty sugar content, soon become less appealing.

Medical advice states that after the first four weeks of surgery, a patient should not digest any solid food as this can cause serious damage. The reason for this is because hard food can cause pressure to form near the stitches and displace the gastric band. With this in mind, many patients eat liquids instead and move on to solids after six weeks.

Final Thoughts….

Having a gastric band is only the start and once you have had the operation it is time to say goodbye to your old unhealthy ways and hello to a new, healthier chapter in your life.  Exercise and a balanced diet are fundamental in helping you maintain your new healthy figure and the beginning of a brighter future.

Did you find this helpful? Do you have any post gastric band fitness tips?

For those of you who are unsure how the gastric band works please take a look at this short video


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