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Lorraine’s Little Black Dress Diet – Back Week

Lorraine’s Little Black Dress Diet – Back Week

It is now the second week of Lorraine’s Little Black Dress Diet and this week they are focussing on backs.

Apparently it’s an area that many people don’t like to show, but personally over the years I have worn some stunning low cut numbers. However with age the desire to do this seems to fade .

Mark, Nadia and Jane are working with Lorraine to bring you this diet.

This morning they showed Mark and Nadia shopping for underwear that would make your boobs look good in a backless dress. Nadia had never worn one due to her bust size and the fact that she can’t go without a bra.

Simply Yours, Plus Size Lingerie, 100percentpeopleMark showed her some of the great ranges available today which allows you to wear one without the straps showing.

There are many Multiway products like the one here available from Plus Size Lingerie Retailer Simply Yours.

Apparently most women wear the wrong size Bra and Nadia having for many years thought she was a 36DD apparently is actually a 34F. It is important to get those boobs measured and everytime you change your brand get remeasured as their sizing all differs.

Mark also gave hints and tips about keeping your back looking good by making sure you exfoliate your skin. When wearing a backless dress it is perhaps a good idea to use a fake tan.

So with the festive season round the corner get yourself in shape to look stunning at the Christmas Party

Have you  joined in with the diet?

Why not tell us how you get on?


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