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Marie Denee reveals the latest from her Plus Size Clothing Boutique

Marie Denee smlSeptember saw the launch of the innovative and fabulous Marie Denee Boutique, delivering quality and unique plus size apparel worldwide. I caught up with Marie about how it is all going and what the future might hold for the boutique.

Marie, you have launched your new boutique and given your blog a fabulous new look, what is your secret? How have you managed both?

A steady cup of coffee and sheer determination…  In all seriousness, I really try to keep myself on a schedule of sorts with a nice and long to-do list, which keeps me from falling prey to Bejeweled on Facebook!

I know it is early days but are you happy with the performance of your boutique so far?

Knowing me, I will never be satisfied! As a perfectionist, I always want to do better, be better, and I am constantly searching for ways to improve! I think that will keep me on top of my game!

What feedback have you had from designers and curvy shoppers?

I have received positive feedback! Everyone cannot wait till our sale starts! (Weds next week) Shoes and wide width boots are a constant search term! So who knows…

Can you tell me all about being a VIP on Marie Denee?

The VIP rewards lounge is the rewards program for the shopper who continues to shop with me! In a way of saying thanks, once she reaches a certain level of spending, she earns a certain percentage of savings for six months! I have three levels of savings and you can find them here! A girl loves to shop, and why not reward her curves for doing so!

What other features can shoppers benefit from on your boutique?

I will start featuring pieces that you will not be able to find anywhere else, with fabulous exclusives to MarieDenee.com! I also offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $200! In addition to those, I feel above all, it is about service! You must be available and open to understand service does not end at the shipping of the product…

What do you intend for your boutique in the future?

I would expand on hard to find designs, accessories, and lingerie. I want to ensure that the collection mirrors the brand and is receptive to the callouts and desires from the clients. In the future, I would like to also open a physical store!

Your blog is always full to the brim with the latest fashion news, how do you keep updated?

Research! I subscribe to the latest news and fashion blogs, and now, I also have people sending me news! SO much so that at times, I have a little backlog! I aspire to keep it fresh and hot, to keep my readers informed, entertained, and fashionable astute with what is going on in fashion!

The last time we spoke it was summer, what are you wearing now that Autumn has returned?

Boots! Chunky knits and strategically placed statement earrings! I live in the Bay Area in California, so it gets quite chilly up here! I love the Fall!

Are there any upcoming events you are attending or getting involved in that our readers can watch out for?

In February, I will participate with the Kiss the Curves Fashion show! One of the Bay’s first ever Plus Size Fashion Show! I am really excited about this! Oh and next month I will be a judge for the Cities of America national pageant in Orlando, FL. I am sure there will be many more things that will be coming up, but make sure to subscribe to my feed or catch me on Facebook!

Don’t forget to check out Marie’s blog and the boutique! Thank you to Marie for taking the time to speak with me and good luck with your future plans!

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