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New Men’s Magazine…Gaz7etta

Grazia has today launched their very own Mens magazine and here is what Grazia says. They would like your feedback boys, so if you have an opinion, let them know on their website.

“If your man regularly swipes your copy of Grazia (and we KNOW he does), then he’s bound to love the all-new men’s magazine that is nestled inside today’s new issue. And as he will see, Gaz7etta is the perfect mix of news and style, with a healthy dose of business, politics and sport. Like Grazia, this is all about making the news work for you.

Oh, and they’ve also nailed fashion – from designer to high street, with something of a new approach to menswear. Of course, there’s a focus on classics, but mens’ fashion is now moving faster than ever before and with a huge offering of affordable high fashion pieces out there, the style-curious male can take a few risks to try stuff out.

We think he will particularly enjoy comedian Russell Kane’s first person interview, opening up about his Dad – pretty powerful stuff, and not the kind of feature you see in mens magazines (why is it that men don’t like to talk about their feelings, but are okay to open up about their fathers, hmm?). Older men, mentors and father figures, are quite a big deal in Gaz7etta – see Lemmy from Motorhead giving his life coaching tips. This is a magazine that respects its elders – older men and their influence on your life. Clearly, this is a men’s mag, not a lad’s mag.

All that, plus Roberto Mancini, Joy Division, Brad Pitt’s stoner architecture, The Inbetweeners’ Iain Morris, the real Mad Men, win one of ten iPads, oh, and A PHOTO OF BANKSY UNMASKED (yes, really…)

And if you were wondering if that stray “7″ in the title is a typo, it ain’t – it’s there to represent seven days of the week – geddit? We think you will…

This week’s issue of Gaz7etta is a one-off “pilot” magazine so, gentlemen, we’d love to hear all your feedback.”

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