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Community Registration


How do I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you which is why we’ve made it easy to get in touch with us. Simply select the “Contact” option at the top of every page and from there you will be able to contact us by phone, fax, email and good old fashioned post.

If you’d like to talk to us now, click here.

Community Registration

Do I need to register?

All areas of the website are free and easy to access, with the exception of the Community section. Registration is required to access this.

Why do I have to register?

100% People is committed to those who are not what society deems to be the perfect shape or size. One of our aims is to change the perception society has of people who fall into this category and in order for us to do that we need to be able to establish a substantial level of membership.

100% People community has been set up to help people overcome issues which being larger than average can cause. Our aim is for the community to act as a support system so we can assist one another to overcome these and live a happier and healthier life.

The more members we have, the more impact we will have when we approach other organisations and the more benefits we will be able to offer in return to you.

Does it cost me any money to register?

No, not a penny! Registration to the 100% People Community is completely free of charge.

To register now, click here.

Why do I need to activate my membership?

We need to ensure that we don’t encourage spammers to register with false email addresses and then contact our members with unwanted messages. For this reason, we ask all members to enter a real email address so that we can at least go some way to ensuring that all our members are genuine.

What do you do with my personal information?

Nothing at all. We understand that your personal information is confidential and we promise that we will never, ever give your details to another organisation.

All the information you provide us with is kept strictly between us, and is held in a secure database in the United Kingdom.

Will you send me junk mail?

Nope. Not now, not ever. We don’t like receiving junk mail anymore than you do which is why we give you the option of opting-out when you register.

You also have complete control over your email preferences and the community features of the 100% People website including email alerts, and messages from other members. If you don’t want it, you won’t get it!

I’ve registered on the Forum, but I haven’t received an activation email.

Although we send everyone who registers an activation email, occasionally they do get lost or marked as spam by some email service providers. Also, sometimes email addresses provided aren’t spelt correctly and therefore will never be delivered.

If you have registered and not received an activation email within 10 minutes then please contact us and we’ll sort it out for you.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

No problem! Simply click on the “I forgot my password” link below the login box where you will be asked for your username and email address. If we find a match in our database we will send you a reminder of your password.

Please note that we encrypt your password when you save it so that you are the only person who knows what it is. Therefore we cannot send your password to you, only your password reminder which you supplied when you registered.

I’ve had my password reminder, but still not sure what it is?

If you’ve had your password reminder sent to you, but you still can’t remember what your password is, simply drop us an email and we’ll change it for you so that you can login. Once you’ve logged in you can change it to something that only you will know.

I’ve lost my activation email, what do I do?

Don’t panic! Simply click on the “Resend activation e-mail” link below the login box where you will be asked for your username and email address. If we find a match in our database we will resend you activation email.

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