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Premier Man Long Polo Shirts

Prfemier Man

Premier Man is the perfect place to shop for big men’s t-shirts and polo shirts, with plenty of different styles for a casual everyday look and in a big range of sizes up to 6XL. Here are examples of some of their longer length polo shirt, quie important if you are long in the body. Flintoff by Jacamo Long Polo From Flintoff by Jacamo. ... Read More »

Prostate Cancer – Listen to Your Body

Prostate cancer

As the creator of 100percentpeople I want to relay again my husband’s story I first told in 2011 and if we help ONE man it will be worth it. It hasn’t been good news for him but it could be for you….. Nearly two years ago just after his 60th birthday he was suffering from having to go to the ... Read More »

Introducing Suits For Men


If you are looking for a choice of  ready to wear or bespoke made to measure suits then SUITS FOR MEN is the company for you. With some ready to wear items in Chest Size 62″, Waist 58″,Leg 36″ and Length up to XL there is much to choose from These are some of the ready to wear items available ... Read More »

Jacamo Tips on How to Wear A Suit


It is great to see that retailers now show you the best hits and tips on how to wear garments and today we have Jacamo who have a great video on how maximise wearing a suit. As this can be the most expensive you might buy it is great to make sure that you have the best fit. Jacamo have ... Read More »

Who Is The Most Risk Of Getting Prostate Cancer ?


In the Daily Mail an article by Angela Epstein was  talking about who is most at risk of getting prostate cancer? From the drinker to the diabetic, our expert gives his sometimes shocking verdict. As you will know this is very close to my heart having my husband suffering from this terrible disease and I can’t talk to you about it ... Read More »

High & Mighty Plus Size Men’s Retailer

High & Mighty

High and Mighty is the retailer of choice for big and tall men who want fashionable and designer labels that fit. They stock 44 well know brands including Tommy Hilfigger, Ben Sherman, Bugatti and Ralph Lauren. Click here to see the full list. The high quality fashion is available in sizes up to 5XL and footwear up to size 17: Waist (trousers) ... Read More »

Polo Shirt, This Summers Staple.


The polo shirt is one wardrobe staple that’s always in fashion. Smarter than a t-shirt and more laid back than a tailored shirt, it’s versatile choice that never looks out of place. With roots in the sporting world, it’s now a men’s clothing big-hitter that can suit anyone’s style. Made famous by René Lacoste as a comfortable and practical alternative ... Read More »

Fashionworld In Sizes Up 5XL For Men

High & Mighty

We seem to concentrate on ladies but you men out there still some great clothes so looking at Fashionworld for the plus size ladies market we find that they also cater for men up to a 5XL. They also do jeans up to size 54 waist. They have a good range for every occassion including… Casual Evening Out Great Outdoors ... Read More »

Tony’s Story Winner of Face of 100percentpeople

Tony Martin

Over 3 years ago when we ran the competition Tony Martin was the overall winner of the Face of 100percentpeople and experienced a day of pampering and here is his story… 100 Percent Made Up and Over ! A big competition lover and a big lad I have always been one of the ‘lets dress in black all the time’ ... Read More »

Men’s Style: The Definitive Guide for Dressing your Shape


Think it’s all black, baggy and even more black and baggy just because you’re carrying a little extra weight? Think again! Dressing for your size is a science that can easily be mastered with a few golden rules, so gen up on your sartorial know-how with our guide to dressing for your size. Ensure you get the perfect fit – ... Read More »

Male eating disorders cases up 16% in a year


An article by Sophie Borland in the Daily Mail today talks abotu more and more men and boys sufferring from Easting Disorders. We all think that self esteem and lack of confidence only hits the women but this is not the case. Experts blame peer pressure to attain a muscular look as well as men trying to copy what they ... Read More »

Jacamo Plus Size Fashion For Men


You may have seen the many adverts recently for Men’s Plus Size retailer, Jacamo. Big men’s clothing including jeans, t-shirts and formal menswear in sizes up to 4XL & 5XL. We know many of you guys are getting larger and its great to see that companies are inroducing clothing up to 5XL and Jacamo are one of these. It is ... Read More »

More Chinese Men Are Getting Slimmer


It appears that the whole world is getting on the slimming band wagon and China is no different, according to an article in the China Daily.com ,where they state that membership of gyms by males and related book sales on the rise A growing desire by men for “six-pack” abdominal muscles is costing them time and money and expanding the ... Read More »

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